Available Written (Computer Based) AssessmentsNon-Member PricingABC Member PricingPerformance Verification- PV
Backhoe - Heavy Equipment67.0047.00N/A
Boilermaker Exchanger V167.0047.00Pending
Boilermaker Maintenance V467.0047.00Now Offering! Call for Pricing
Boilermaker Pressure Vessel V267.0047.00Pending
Boilermaker Towers V2 (not available at this time)67.0047.00Pending
Carpenter Commercial V267.0047.00N/A
Carpenter Industrial V367.0047.00N/A
Carpenter Level One V2 (Entry Level)67.0047.00N/A
Coating & Lining Application Specialist L evel 1 Industrial82.0062.00N/A
Coating & Lining Application Specialist Level 2 Industrial82.0062.00N/A
Concrete Finisher67.0047.00N/A
Construction Technologist V2 (Entry Level)67.0047.00N/A
CORE: Introductory Craft Skills V267.0047.00N/A
Dozer - Heavy Equipment67.0047.00N/A
Dump Truck - Heavy Equipment67.0047.00N/A
Electrician Commercial V267.0047.00N/A
Electrician Industrial V467.0047.00N/A
Electrician Level One V2 Entry Level-(Not Industrial Electrician)67.0047.00N/A
Excavator - Heavy Equipment67.0047.00N/A
Forklift V2 - Heavy Equipment67.0047.00N/A
HVAC Technician V267.0047.00N/A
Hydroblasting Technician67.0047.00N/A
Ironworker Industrial V267.0047.00N/A
Instrument Technician V367.0047.00N/A
Instrumentation Fitter V367.0047.00N/A
Insulator Industrial67.0047.00N/A
Heavy Equipment- Level One (Entry Level)67.0047.00N/A
Loader - Heavy Equipment67.0047.00N/A
Maintenance Electrical & Instrument Technician Industrial67.0047.00N/A
Maintenance Mechanic Industrial V4 (3hr)87.0057.00N/A
Maintenance Support Mechanic Industrial67.0047.00N/A
Millwright Industrial V3 (3hr)87.0057.00N/A
Motor Grader - Heavy Equipment67.0047.00N/A
Masonry: Level One (Entry Level)67.0047.00N/A
Painter Industrial V267.0047.00N/A
Pipefitter Industrial V3 (3hr)87.0057.00Now Offering! Call for Pricing
Power Generator Maintenance Mechanic67.0047.00N/A
Reinforcing Ironworker67.0047.00N/A
Roller - Heavy Equipment67.0047.00N/A
Scaffold Builder67.0047.00Now Offering! Call for Pricing
Scraper - Heavy Equipment67.0047.00N/A
Sustainable Construction Supervisor92.0072.00N/A
OQ - (OPERATOR QUALIFICATIONS) - PIPELINENon MemberMemberPerformance Verification- PV
Abnormal Operating Conditions - Control Center V380.0060.00N/A
Abnormal Operating Conditions - Field & Gas V280.0060.00N/A
Control Center Operator80.0060.00N/A
Corrosion Prevention Field Technician 1 - Installation V480.0060.00N/A
Corrosion Prevention Field Technician 1 - Measurement V480.0060.00N/A
Corrosion Prevention Field Technician 2 V380.0060.00N/A
Corrosion Prevention Field Technician 3 V380.0060.00N/A
Custom Pipeline Maintenance Technician (3hr) Made to Order110.0080.00N/A
Custom Pipeline Maintenance Technician Inspector90.0070.00N/A
Custom Pipeline Maintenance Technician Level One90.0070.00N/A
Custom Pipeline Maintenance Technician Level Two (3hr)110.0080.00N/A
Electrical & Instrumentation Pipeline Technician V480.0060.00N/A
Field Operator80.0060.00N/A
Gas Maintenance Specialty Technician80.0060.00N/A
Gas Pipeline Operator80.0060.00N/A
Mechanical Pipeline Technician V480.0060.00N/A
NDT: Radiographic Film Interpretation of Pipeline Welds80.0060.00N/A
Pipeline Maintenance Technician V3 (3Hr)100.0070.00N/A
CRANE - RIGGING & SIGNAL PERSONNon MemberMemberPractical Examination
Boom Truck Crane V2 (3hr)160.00130.001000.00/800.00
Industrial/AllPurpose Crane V2 (3hr)160.00130.001000.00/800.00
Lattice Boom Crane V2 (3hr)160.00130.001000.00/800.00
Telescopic Boom Crane V2 (3hr)160.00130.001000.00/800.00
Basic Rigger110.0090.00225.00/175.00
Intermediate Rigger110.0090.00250.00/190.00
Advanced Rigger110.0090.00275.00/200.00
Signal Person110.0090.001000.00/800.00