Mobile Crane Operations Course Description

This course of instruction prepares individuals for jobs as a Mobile Crane Operator in the industrial, construction, and maintenance industry. Graduates may find suitable employment with construction companies, ports, refineries and other industries. Students will train to inspect, operate and maintain a crane in accordance to OSHA standards and the manufacturer’s specifications regarding capacity and safe operation. Also, students will be able to operate cranes of draglines to lift, move, position or place machinery, equipment and other large objects at construction or industrial sites, ports, railway yards and other similar locations. Students completing the required coursework will receive a Certificate of Completion from NCCER.

Mobile Crane Operators should be able to:

  • Operate a wide variety of material-moving equipment according to schedule and instructions from the project manager.
  • Set up the right crane and lift or hoist to complete each task safely and efficiently.
  • Inspect machines and equipment daily and perform routine maintenance procedures and minor repairs as required.
  • Create and update detailed logs of material transportation operations, including information about type of material, movement locations and additional data as needed.
  • Complete all required tasks accurately and within assigned deadlines with limited supervision.
  • Maintain visual and radio contact with the ground operators according to best practice and site safety regulations.