2020 & 2021 School Year

Accelerated Craft Training (ACT) Programs
Course Tuition Fee Semesters
Instrumentation Fitter $500 per semester 3 Semesters
*Instrumentation Technician $500 per semester 3 Semesters
Pipefitting $500 per semester 4 Semesters
Welding SMAW $550 per semester 5 Semesters
*Welding GTAW $550 per semester 3 Semesters
Crane Operations $500 per semester 3 Semesters
Industrial Painting $500 per semester 2 Semesters
Scaffold Building $500 per semester 1 Semester
Construction Site-Field Safety Technician $500 total program 1 Semesters
**Core $300 per semester 1 Semester
* These courses require prerequisites
** No charge if enrolled in any of the courses above
Construction Site Safety Technician only offered during Fall semesters

Drug Testing and textbooks (if applicable) are included in tuition fees

Refund Policy

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