Adult Program


Course Descriptions


Pipefitting I

Plus Core class hours (first semester only) Orientation to the Trade; pipefitter hand tools; pipefitter power tools; ladders & scaffolds; and motorized equipment.

Pipefitting 2

Piping Systems; drawing and detail sheets; identifying and installing valves; pipefitting trade math; threaded pipe fabrication; socket weld pipe fabrication; butt weld pipe fabrication; and excavation underground pipe installation.

Pipefitting 3

Rigging equipment; rigging practices; standards & specifications; advanced trade math; motorized equipment II; introduction to above ground pipe installation; field routing & vessel trim; pipe hangers & supports; and testing piping systems & equipment.

Pipefitting 4

Advanced blueprint reading; advanced pipe fabrication; stress relieving & alignment; steam traps; in-line specialties; special piping; hot traps; maintaining valves; introduction to supervisory roles.

Mobile Crane Operations/Rigging

Mobile Crane Operations – Semester 1

Plus Core Class Hours (First semester only) Orientation to the Trade, basic principles of crane, rigging practices, crane safety, operating a crane, rigging equipment, and rigging practices. Communication, machine power flow, preventative maintenance, wire rope, computer aids/operator aids, load dynamics, and on-site equipment movement.

Mobile Crane Operations – Semester 2

Comprehensive load/capacity charts, hydraulic/telescopic boom assembly & disassembly, advanced operational techniques, life planning hoisting personnel, lattice boom assembly and disassembly, and emergency procedures.

Construction Site Safety Technician

Semester 1

Introduction to Safety, work-zone safety, steel erection, concrete & masonry, confined spaces & excavations, electrical safety, working from elevations, heavy equipment, forklift, & crane safety, and Introduction to materials handling. Integrates Core curricula modules. (This class does not require the Tuesday night Core Course.

Introduction to Safety Technology, hazard recognition, evaluation, & control, risk analysis & assessment, inspections, audits, & observations, employee motivation, site specific ES&H plans, emergency action plans, JSA’s & TSA’s, safety orientation & training, work permit policies, confined space entry procedures, safety meetings, accident investigation: policies & procedures, accident investigation: data analysis, record keeping, OSHA inspection procedures, ES&H data tracking & trending, and environmental awareness.


SMAW - Semester 1

Plus Core Class hours (first semester only)

Intro. to Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Welding Safety; SMAW – Equipment & Setup; SMAW – Beads and Fillet Welds; Oxyfuel Cutting; Base Metal Preparation.

SMAW- Semester 2

Structural (plate) Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Weld Quality; Shielded Metal Arc Electrodes; SMAW Groove Welds with Backing.

SMAW- Semester 3

Basic (pipe) Shielded Metal Arc Welding.

Joint Fit-Up and Alignment; SMAW – Open V-Groove Welds; Welding Symbols; Reading Welding Detail Drawings; Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging.

SMAW- Semester 4

Advanced Pipe Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Plasma Arc Cutting; SMAW – Open-Root Pipe Welds

SMAW – GTAW -Semester 5

Introduction to Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Reheating and Post-heating of Metals

GTAW – Semester 6

Intermediate Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Equipment & Filler Materials; Plate

GTAW- Semester 7

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Applications – Hands on practice

GTAW- Semester 8

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Applications – Carbon Steel Pipe


Instrumentation Fitter 1

Plus Core Class Hours (first semester only) Hand Tools for Instrumentation, electrical safety, power tools, metallurgy, fasteners, gaskets & packing, lubricants, sealants & cleaners, tubing, piping – 2″ and under, hoses.

Instrumentation Fitter 2

Instrumentation drawings & documents I, craft-related mathematics, principles of welding for instrumentation, panel-mounted instruments, installing field-mounted instruments, raceways for instrumentation, instrument fitter’s math, layout & installation of tubing & piping systems, clean, purge & test of tubing & piping systems.

Instrumentation Fitter 3

Electrical systems for instrumentation; flow, pressure, level, & temperature; drawings & documents II; detectors, secondary elements, transducers, & transmitters; control valves, actuators & positioners; receive, inspect, handle, & piping systems; protective measures for instrumentation.

Instrumentation Technician 4

Process control theory; controllers, recorders, & indicators; relays & timers; switches and photo-electric devices; filters, regulators, and dryers; instrumentation theory; grounding/shielding of instruments; and terminating conductors.

Instrumentation Technician 5

Calibration & configuration; perform loop checks; troubleshooting & commissioning a loop; loop tuning; distributed control systems.

Instrumentation Technician 6

Analyzers & monitors; digital logic circuits; programmable logic controllers; and analyzers.