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Welcome to Craft Training Center's Blog! Today's entry will be short and sweet, but we wanted to make sure that we formally introduce ourselves.

The Associated Builders and Contractors Merit Shop Training Program, Inc., DBA Craft Training Center of the Coastal Bend strives to meet the shared manpower needs of the Community, Business, and Industry by providing education for the construction industry. Our goal is to develop craft professionals who are trained and capable under the highest professional standards.

We offer Welding, Pipefitting, Mobile Crane Operations/Rigging, Instrumentation, Field Safety Technology, and 4-Year Apprenticeships in Electrical and Plumbing. We also offer NCCER Assessments.

Here at CTC, we pride ourselves on being what is known as a Merit Shop Training Program. Think of a Merit Shop in the same way you would recall what a college scout is. A scout will watch an athlete throughout his career in high school and decide whether or not the individual deserves a spot on their college team. That is essentially how a Merit Shop functions as well. Industry leaders will observe a student's progress and determine whether or not they examine the skill and attitude to be offered employment at their company.

We greatly appreciate our industry partners and are very grateful for their support and their hand in our student's success.

That is all for now! As always, thank you for being here with us, and we hope you continue to tune in for all future blog posts!

Have a blessed week.