Construction Site Safety Technician

The course of instruction prepares individuals for jobs in an entry level safety position in the industrial, construction, and maintenance industry in order to better understand the requirements of overseeing a total safety program and to prevent and minimize accidents. This course is designed to meet the training needs of a craft professional, safety technician and safety managers by understanding regulatory and best practices per OSHA Standards. Graduates may find suitable employment with construction and industry but must have journeyman level experience in their craft. Students completing the required coursework will receive NCCER certification of completion in Field Safety and Safety Technology.

Safety Technician / Field Safety

This course of instruction covers Field Safety concepts per OSHA Standards and differentiates between regulatory compliance and best practices. An overview of common site hazards, as it pertains to the diverse work-sites, are presented utilizing lecture, discussion, group instruction, videos, textbooks and testimonials. Students are introduced to Safety Logistics, confined space and excavation procedures, electrical safety, working from elevations, steel erection, heavy equipment, forklift, crane safety, concrete, masonry and materials handling.

The course of instruction covers Safety Technology concepts as per the role and responsibility of a safety technician. Students will learn about accident causation and the impact of accidents at the work-site. The course will also cover hazard recognition, environmental awareness, occupational health, safety analysis and assessments, safety data tracking and trends, site specific safety plans, safety orientations and meetings, permits and policies, incident investigations, policies and analysis, OSHA inspections and recordkeeping.