The ABC Electrical Apprenticeship Program is a Registered Department of Labor (DOL) program leading to licensure as a Journeyman Electrician in the State of Texas. Apprentices work full-time during the day for a sponsoring electrical company under the supervision of a Journeyman Electrician and attend classes two evenings a week for four years. The work hours fulfill the DOL and Texas State licensure requirement of 8,000 hours of on-the-job training (OJT), and the class hours fulfill the DOL and Texas State licensure requirement of 656 instructional hours.

Apprenticeship students who complete these requirements will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, as well as from the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), and are eligible to sit for the Texas State Journeyman Electrician licensure examination.

A list of employer sponsors is provided to all apprentices, and assistance is provided with job search and employment retention via the Apprenticeship program Coordinator.


ELEC 2610: Electrical Year 1- Class Hours—168 OJT Hours—2,000

Electrical safety, circuits, theory, National Electric Code, device boxes, hand bending, raceways, fittings, conductors, cables, drawings, residential services, and test equipment.

ELEC 2620: Electrical Year 2 – Class Hours—168 OJT Hours—2,000

Alternating current, motors, lighting conduit bending, pull and junction boxes, conductor installations, cable tray, terminations and splices, grounding and bonding, circuit breakers and fuses, and control systems.

ELEC 2630: Electrical Year 3 – Class Hours—168 OJT Hours—2,000

Load calculations, conductor selection and calculations, lighting, hazardous locations, overcurrent protection, distribution equipment, transformers, commercial electrical services, motor calculations, voice, data, video, and motor controls.

ELEC 2640: Electrical Year 4 – Class Hours—168 OJT Hours—2,000

Load calculations, health care facilities, standby and emergency systems, basic electronic theory, fire alarm systems, specialty transformers, advance motor controls, HVAC controls, heat tracing and freeze protection, motor operation and maintenance, medium-voltage terminations and splices, special locations, and skills for the crew leader.

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